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Reading Ahead

Read the rules

Read the rules for sharing reviews on Find A Read

If you break any of the rules, your review will be deleted.

  • Stay safe – don’t include any personal information in your review. This includes your name, email address, street address and phone number.
  • Don’t include the personal details of anyone else in your review, including tutors or group leaders.
  • Don’t post rude, racist, offensive, violent or vulgar reviews on the site.
  • Don’t glamorise illegal or dangerous activities – it’s OK to talk about what happens in a book, but don’t encourage others to follow its example.
  • Don’t write everything in CAPS – it isn’t easy for everyone to read.
  • Don’t post links to other websites – there’s no way of controlling what these sites contain.
  • Don’t break copyright rules. This means you shouldn’t post text from someone else’s books.


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