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Happy Families

Adele Parks

Lisa is forty-two, divorced and a mum of three. For the past year, she has been going out with Mark, who is five years younger than her. Lisa really likes him but she worries that one day he will leave – just like her ex-husband did.

One top of everything else, Lisa feels really tired and moody, and has put on weight. She thinks it’s the menopause – but could there be another reason for how she’s feeling?

Lisa’s life is about to change in a big way but does she want Mark by her side? With the help of her family and friends, Lisa starts to believe that a second chance of love and happiness might just be possible…

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  • Headline Publishing Group
  • 9780755394524
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Reader Reviews

Very interesting, very funny a recommended book 2 read

20 January 2015

Picked up this book, read the blurb and thought ‘this is my life’, so was intrigued to see what it was like inside! Chick Lit isn’t usually my genre of chosen text so I didn’t take on this book with too high a regard for it i’m afraid, but it was pleasant enough, nothing taxing – characters quite believable. Think the ending was pretty rushed though as not plausible but hey! it started me off on my Six Book Challenge :-).

05 February 2015

This was the first Adele Parks book I’ve read and I really quite enjoyed it. it was a snapshot of modern family life. I enjoyed the writing style, it was uncomplicated and flowed well.

24 February 2015