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Cut Off (Quick Reads)

Mark Billingham

Reading level: Level 1, Level 2, Quick Reads

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It’s the moment we all fear: losing our phone, leaving us cut off from family and friends. But, for Louise, losing hers in a local cafe takes her somewhere much darker.

After many hours of panic, Louise is relieved when someone gets in touch offering to return the phone. From then on she is impatient to get back to normal life.

But when they meet on the beach, Louise realises you should be careful what you wish for…

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  • 9780751568899
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Reader Reviews

Quite an enjoyable read but I wasn’t keen on the ending. Felt the book could have carried on for longer

06 January 2019

This Quick Read starts with a lost phone and quickly progresses into a dark and atmospheric thriller.

01 February 2018

It starts with a lost phone and develops into a dark and atmospheric thriller.

01 February 2018