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Street Cat Bob (Quick Reads)

James Bowen

Reading level: Level 1, Level 2, Quick Reads

The uplifting true story of a man on the streets and his ginger tom cat.

This is a specially adapted, short edition of the very popular A Street Cat Named Bob.

Discover the joy of reading with Quick Reads! Short books and great stories by bestselling authors, commissioned by The Reading Agency.

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  • 9781473606470
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Reader Reviews

It is a remarkable story with a message of hope.It is about two battered beings Bob and James that life brings together. They face all the troubles of life with bravery and courage. They convey a message that how can we take a second chance in our life which is given us every day. If you need a heartwarming story to immerse yourself into it. This is absolutely perfect.

23 February 2020

I choose this book because the cat on the front page looks cute and it’s a really heartwarming story.

03 September 2019

Loved this book! I thought it was all about the cat but its more than that. I recommend it.

19 May 2019

Really, really enjoyed this book and looking forward to reading the others in the series. It was a heart-warming story and as a cat lover I got really involved with it. I was also pleased to read at the back of the book that Bob has a Twitter feed!

24 February 2015

I loved this – I could not put it down. I managed to read the book in just over an hour. Quick Reads, really are easy to read and also make a great introduction to the full version of a book. I really want to read the full book now. Street Cat Bob is a heart-warming true story about the meeting of a young, busker struggling with drugs addiction and living in sheltered accommodation (James, author) and a cat he names Bob. The pair become inseparable, forming a very special bond, and change each other’s lives for the better.

27 March 2015

really cute, funny and love how he was cared by nice person.

06 May 2015

I like bob the best

10 June 2015

Author: James Bowen The Reading Agency

What did you think of it?

I really enjoyed reading this book. I got stuck on a few words. However, this book is the longest book I have ever read, and the best book that I have ever read. The part when Bob got separated from James, after the nasty Rottweiler attacked them, made me sad. This is the only book that has ever made me cry. I am going to follow their latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

I found this story fascinating and touching. Even though I couldn’t read a few words, I used my i-pad to help me read the words I got stuck on. Even though I was struggling on a few words, I decided to progress with the story so I could understand the character’s back story.

By reading this book, I have learned what busking is and now have respect for people selling the “Big Issue”. In fact, the next time I see someone selling the “Big Issue” I am going to support them and buy a copy or two.

This book is well worth a read, if you are into stories that are so touching it makes you cry then this is the book for you! You don’t have to be an amazing reader to read this book. I have autism, so I find reading extremely difficult. However, there are specific applications that you can download, to your phones or tablets, that will read any words that you can’t read.

If I can’t read a word I just type the word into the application, then click on the “Speak” button and then it will read the word to me. The application is for i-pad minis and it is called “iSpeech TTS” or “Text-to-Speech”.
If you have access to an App Store, then have a look if you can download this FREE application. This application will give you the confidents to read more books.

It is important that we find away past all the barriers that will prevent us from reading.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

11 June 2015

i thought it was a great read

17 June 2015