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A Cruel Fate (Quick Reads)

Lindsey Davis

Reading level: Level 1, Level 2, Quick Reads

Based on real events in the English Civil War, Lindsey Davis retells the grim tale of Captain Smith’s abuse of power in Oxford prison – where many died in misery though a lucky few survived.

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  • Hodder
  • 9781444763171
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Reader Reviews

I enjoyed this because it took you into the lives of those caught up in the Civil War with vivid tales of how they suffered at the hands of their captors. Interesting because some of it takes place in Marlborough – not far from where I live. It ’s a powerful story – try it.

04 April 2014

Based on a real events in English Civil War, this book is a mine of information about things happen inside the prisons.

Martin Watts and Nat Afton are both captured. They both suffer horrible treatment in Oxford Castle on their jailer William Smith order.

when prisoners in Bridewell decided to escape, Nat was too weak to follow…Martin escaped, but for how long?

Jane Afton has to look for her brother…She was unable to save him…Instead, she found love. Can she at least save this one?

02 June 2014

This book has inspired me to learn more about the English Civil War and the history of the 1600’s. It’s awful to think that people suffered such barbaric treatment in prison in that era, but even worse to think that in some parts of the world, nothing much has changed. I would definitely recommend this book and this author.

14 December 2014

It was set in the Civil War. I t was boring to start of with but it soon became clear, that it was a love story.
when prisoner of war dittanies, broke out of camp as the conditions was terrible. when a women took him in, and cared for him they soon feel in love with each other.. I think the book was based on Factual events .. I really enjoyed this book .

03 March 2015