War Horse

Michael Morpurgo

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5 out 5

In the deadly chaos of the First World War, one horse witnesses the reality of battle from both sides of the trenches.




a really sad fiction book that I fell in love with in the first 5 pages I would recommend it to major bookworms or someone who likes history

Anonymous 24.06.2014

This book is very sad, but very good. It is about world war two and how the horses where treated. When you have read the book it my be worth watching the film, which takes a very different approach to the book.

Anonymous 04.07.2014


Anonymous 14.07.2014

This book had everything. It made me happy and sad. It made me laugh and cry. A really great book.

Anonymous 14.07.2014

It avert good book at quite emotional I loved it READ IT

Anonymous 20.07.2014

A brilliant book! Lots of suspense, ups and downs and much more! Probably one of the best books I've read,

Anonymous 26.07.2014

I love war horse i especially liked it how Albert kept his word that he would find joey his horse

Anonymous 30.07.2014

I got very emotional reading this book ,I loved it .

Anonymous 30.07.2014

it is about a boy who lived with his parents and the boy had a horse called joey.there was a time when he joint the army for the start of a war.they were fighting with some germans and they toke his horse.one of his friend got killed and the was tis girl from germany who had the horse.the boy got given back his horse and they kept it forever

Anonymous 31.07.2014

This book is great and has an excellent story line. In this book you will find lot's of thrilling adventures to do with a horse named Joey, everyone single part of this book is exciting and not a bit boring. You have to read this book!

Anonymous 02.08.2014

Good book

Anonymous 07.10.2014

this book is amazing it makes you feel a million emotions all at once

Anonymous 25.07.2015


Anonymous 12.08.2015

I like all the books written by Michael Morpurgo. This book was amazing and also a sad story. we read a lot of story about war but this story is told by a horse that describes painful moments from the horse's point of view. It is very sad when you find every body, human and animals, suffered from war. They fought together without having any problem with each other, and therefor it is sad.

Bahareh 04.05.2017

This book was so touching and emotional, but still a really good read so i would definitely recommend this to everyone!

Anonymous 16.07.2017

You should read the book War Horse if you like mysterious stories with adventures. It may be a long book, but there are pictures to look at in it, and if you are interested in books like that, then you wont even know when you have finished it.

Anonymous 26.07.2017

War horse was a really good book it was so interesting and an amazing book I think Michael morpurgo is a really good author

Anonymous 08.01.2018

Read it u will like it

Anonymous 01.03.2018

Great book really enjoyed this

Anonymous 21.08.2018

It is really interested book so that is a good book and lots of chapters.

Aidan 20.10.2018

It is about a young horse that becomes widely known within the war from British to Germans. After being taken care of he gets sold to the soldiers. He runs into no man's land and has to be rescued, with the British on one side and the Germans on the other, him in the middle, will he ever be rescued... It has a bit of history.

hafsa 22.08.2019