A Street Cat Named Bob

James Bowen, Kris Milnes


  • True lives
  • Sport and leisure
  • Health, family and lifestyle

Average rating

4 out 5




I definitely loved this book and I found it really interesting. I would definitely recommend this book to cat lovers.

Anonymous 17.03.2016

Really good book and emotional especially as i'm a cat lover!!!!

Anonymous 30.08.2016

funnyest thing ever

Anonymous 24.07.2014

It's a really good and exciting journal of someone's life with a cat and how he recovers.

Anonymous 02.08.2014

so sweet

Anonymous 24.08.2014

I finished this in a day on holiday. It was an easy and enjoyable read but would probably only appeal to cat lovers (like me). The book gives the true story of a recovering drug addict who finds companionship in a stray cat. I thought the author came across as though he had a persecution complex, which was annoying, but Bob the street cat sounds like a wonderful creature! All in all if you like cats and fancy an easy read then this one is for you.

Anonymous 13.10.2014

I thought it was good

Anonymous 08.02.2015

This was a nice heart-warming story to read. It was a clear and simple read. I can't wait to see the film when it comes out.

Amy 13.01.2017

such a good book sad story though but gets much happier great author love it i love bob!!!!!!!!!! i would 100% recommend this book for people who like cliff hangers

Anonymous 24.05.2017

People SHOULD read this book because it is about a little cute ginger cat. The man that finds him and looks after him has drugs, BUT bob stops him and he stops. "A really wonderful tale about a cat and his owner" "I would want to have bob as my cat! He is special!" "I can't put the book down, its heart breaking about the cat being left alone! Aah!"

Anonymous 29.07.2017

Great book

Anonymous 19.08.2017

This is an epic, sad and incredible book.

Anonymous 16.09.2017

It is a nice book . This book is about how a street singer finds a cat.Since he finds Bob the cat and keeps bob with him slowly all his troubles slowly go away.it is a nice book.

Anonymous 04.10.2017

I personally thaught that the book is very good. It follows the true story of a heroin user who finds happiness and hope in a cat call bob ^_^, i personally related to alot of his story and was able to implement it into my own recovery... it really helped me alot

Anonymous 10.11.2017