The Hobbit

J. R. R. Tolkien


  • Sci fi
  • Fiction

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4 out 5

Read the definitive edition of Bilbo Baggins' adventures in middle-earth in this classic bestseller behind this year's biggest movie.




I enjoyed this book a lot. Because of its adventures and different creatures e.g. levees, dwarves and hobbits. Also I like the twist of Biblo Baggins because first all he wanted to do was stay in his hobbit hole and not go on an adventures. Then at the end of the story he faced goblins and giants, he went on an adventure and was very brave.

Anonymous 16.08.2018

This book is all about fantasy. Great for boy's over 8! The Hobbit has adventure round every corner.

Anonymous 05.08.2016

Tolkien, creator of another Universe, cannot be equalled. Better even than the Galaxy far, far away.

Anonymous 20.08.2015

It was scary, exciting, veeery ginormous but it's a very good story. I read it with my mummy.

Anonymous 18.06.2016

I like the book

Anonymous 13.07.2016

It is the most amazing book I have ever read! Full of action and adventure.

Anonymous 14.07.2016


Anonymous 10.07.2016

An awesome book you must read it its a classic

Anonymous 25.07.2016

This book was good

Anonymous 26.07.2016

This book has lots of fantasy creatures in it such as Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Pixies. It's filled with adventure and imagination. A real page turner.

Anonymous 31.07.2016

I like the Hobbit because my dad read it to me when I was five and I enjoyed it and I still enjoy it now I am seven.The book caught my interest.

Anonymous 30.07.2016

Inspiring love how he shows anything is possible inspires you to goband explore the world

Anonymous 03.08.2016

i think you should read the hobbit because it has a perfect mixture of adventure and fantasy

Anonymous 20.06.2014

This book is a great book to read and I loved the characters names!! It was funny and I could hardly put It down and when I did I would always think about what would happen next!!

Anonymous 09.08.2016

I like this book because it's exiting and adventurers!

Anonymous 24.08.2016

A good prequel to The Lord of the Rings, characters are endearing and funny.

Anonymous 19.06.2014

It is simply beautiful

Anonymous 23.06.2014

I think that people should read this book is beacause it has lots fo adventures and lots of funny jokes which some of the characters say.

Anonymous 23.06.2014

It has lots of characters and is funny

Anonymous 23.06.2014

It is a great book, very mysterious and all the books by this auther i think are well worth reading

Anonymous 23.06.2014

It's fun and if you want to watch the movies or read The Lord of the rings read this first

Anonymous 23.06.2014

It is very interesting and has its funny bits. If you have watched the film and think that you already know the story then you are grieviously mistaken

Anonymous 23.06.2014

its a good book and an exciting story

Anonymous 23.06.2014

If i could, i would rate this book 10000/10 stars. The book is much better than the movie. Although there are some challenging words dispersed in this book, you understand them instantly by understanding the context. This book brings out the adventurous side of me i never knew was there.

Anonymous 23.06.2014

it is a story about a hobbit, who went on a quest to save the underworld from a dragon that took over.

Anonymous 24.06.2014

A brilliant adventure! My Dad gave me his book, both me and my Mum love it and shared it with me.This is the second time I have read it.

Anonymous 19.06.2014

Because it is a magnificent tale of a thrilling adventure!

Anonymous 23.06.2014

this is a great book it's very long but awesome it's an old book about a hobbit and he has to raid the treasure of a magnificent dragon.

Anonymous 24.06.2014

It is such a good book and you just have to read part 2 afterwards.

Anonymous 24.06.2014

this is an amazing book if you want to read fantasy

Anonymous 23.06.2014

My favourite part of this story was when Bilbo and the dwarves went to the lonely mountains to go inside smaugs cave take all of the gold and woke up smaug making him go on a rampage. This story is about a dwarf who had never gone on an adventure before, dwarves were sent to his house by a wizard named Gandalf who set up a dinner before the dwarves set off the next day. They had convinced Bilbo after many tries to help them on this heroic adventure.

Anonymous 17.08.2016

A very adventurous book, but amazing! JRR Tolkien has created a very good read!

Anonymous 16.07.2016

They should read this as its got lots of action and adventure.

Anonymous 23.06.2014

it is an adventure story

Anonymous 23.06.2014

You should read this book because some bits are really really god and some are just fine.

Anonymous 23.06.2014

it's very exciting and a general good read

Anonymous 19.06.2014

It is really exciting

Anonymous 23.06.2014


Anonymous 23.06.2014

is very funny, full of adventures but too long. sometimes the story line is boring....

Anonymous 23.06.2014

love it

Anonymous 23.06.2014

when I read this book I fond it a bit boring but when I read more it started to get interesting .

Anonymous 23.06.2014

i think people should read this because it has lots of detail and is a film

Anonymous 23.06.2014

It is a good book and you should read it because it is a fun fantasy book about wizards and goblins which will keep you interested. Also it is like entering into a new world of magic and wonder!

Anonymous 23.06.2014

I just love this book

Anonymous 20.06.2014

It was really adventurous really recommend for those of you out there who like big exciting descriptive books!

Anonymous 13.07.2014


Anonymous 17.07.2014

One of the best-selling film and book Really good, slightly on the older section though

Anonymous 17.07.2014

This book is amazing!! When actually it's a comic but I still love reading it.

Anonymous 18.07.2014

8+ This book is an adventure, it's interesting and exciting!

Anonymous 05.07.2016

this book is great and i brought it into school to read.

Anonymous 20.06.2014