Clean Break

Tammy Cohen

Reading level

  • E3


  • Crime and thriller
  • Crime and thriller

Average rating

5 out 5

*"Find your local library.":* *"Buy this book from": to support The Reading Agency and local bookshops at no additional cost to you.*  Marriage is complicated, especially for Kate. Her husband Jack has a temper on him, and has been an absent father for years. Kate knows it's time for a divorce. The trouble is, Jack refuses. And now that he has found out Kate has met another man, his jealous rages escalate. Can Kate rid herself of her jealous husband before it's too late?

Published by

Transworld (Quick Reads)




I thought this was a very dark and gripping thriller. It was a tale of anger and obsession. I didn't see the ending coming!

Karen 01.02.2018

This book was really enjoyable and a page-turner. The characters were complex and the ending was very clever.

Sue 18.06.2018

In my opinion, this book was quite interesting to read and I hope to read more books from this author. It is an intriguing fiction story, I really liked Kate’s character as she is shown as a strong lady who would like a divorce from her husband. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

sital 15.10.2019