The Midnight Gang

David Walliams

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5 out 5

Welcome to the Midnight Gang! Midnight is the time when all children are fast asleep, except of course for... the Midnight Gang. That is when their adventures are just beginning...




I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend this book to children ages 9+. It is about a boy called Tom, who gt hit in the head with a cricket ball. He goes to this strange hospital, thinking that it would be a dump but it turns out to be an adventure. In this hospital there was 4 more children, Amber, a girl in a wheelchair who broke both her arms and legs. Then there was a boy called Robin, who couldn't see at all. Next thee was a boy called George, who was very fat and had to get his tonsils taken out. There is another girl (probably my favourite GIRL!) called Sally, Sally had a illness (I was guessing Cancer as she was bold) and nobody talked to her, even though she was the sweetest kindest girl in the ward. On his first day, Tom could see George stuffing his mouth with chocolate (to get the Matron's attention) the Matron came and took ALL the chocolates and eat it. But the funny thing is George was eating the ones which HADN'T had sleep potion in. Matron ended up falling into a deep, deep sleep. The three children crept off as soon as she fell asleep. Tom got up to follow them but Sally stopped him and begged him to bring her. Tom refused her but promised to tell her all about it. Next whilst Tom was following them he had to do loads of things for them in order to join their gang, and then he was told about ALL the secrets. There was a porter, HE DIDN'T HAVE A NAME HE WAS JUST CALLED PORTER THE NAME OF HIS JOB!!!, anyway the porter was in on this too, he LOVED seeing children smile and laugh. Every midnight they would go into this room, have fun, and grant wishes. So one day Robin wanted to lead an orchestrate so they got instruments and started playing it. Tom was now part of the gang, the midnight gang, nobody knew who made up the midnight gang, it was just there on a wall, and people were going there for years. At the end, I found out that , Porter had made the midnight gang. When they returned back in the children's ward, Sally was asking Tom to tell her all about the midnight gang, but Tom couldn't. He had promised to keep it all a secret, and in order to do that he had to lie saying he HADN'T promised when he HAD. The next wish was George's turn, George wanted to fly, so they got ALL the balloons from the WHOLE hospital but then they accidentally make this 99 year old lady fly. (This lady, Nelly, thought she was still a 10 year old girl when actually in real life she was 10 times that age.) After the flying situation, Porter gets sacked on the spot, and all the children have a close eye on them. Tom's school headmaster had come to collect Tom back, as he had fully recovered, but then once again, Tom Escapes, knowing that this might be the last time Tom ever comes to the hospital, he decides to give his wish to Sally. Sally wanted to have her first kiss, her first marriage etc....etc.. So they decide to give her wish, they get sleeping serum and stick it in Matron's bum, to keep her out the way, and get the plan started. At the end Sally is so happy, and the WHOLE o the hospital doctors watch them, everyone is so proud, but Amber takes ALL the credit. Porter gets his job back but the hospital head master is HORRIFIED when he finds out that Porter doesn't have a name. Porter decides to name him self Thomas, the same name as Tom's. Tom ends up leaving the hospital and his AWFUL school.

Anonymous 20.11.2016

I really like this book. I think others should read this book because it is funny and interesting and a bit majestic. I recommend this book to anyone Happy Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xxxxx

Anonymous 09.04.2018

Read this book and laugh your socks off

Anonymous 10.01.2017

A lovely book for mostly medium readers. It is about a boy who is staying in a hospital. He and some other children go on lots of adventures with the porter trying to make each other's dreams come true. I highly recommend this book to both boys and girls.Read it!

Anonymous 12.02.2017

This book is so big, the cover is nice and bright it will take me ages to finish this book as it is in chapters. So far I have enjoyed this book and want to learn more about this midnight gang especially in the hospital.

Anonymous 21.12.2016

full of humour

Anonymous 26.01.2017

This is a new book but i have already read it. it is my favourite book of all time now!!

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Anonymous 12.01.2017

I think it is really nice because the children in hospital go to adventures in the midnight and makes you curious about what they are going to do. The children also have good reasons to be in the hospital because of their illnesses.

Anonymous 03.01.2017

This book is David Walliams' best book ever! The characters are all brilliant. My favourite is Tootsie, the food trolley lady in the hospital. She knows Tom likes Cornflakes so she saved one single flake for him! The very old lady flying in the sky with the helium balloons is hilarious. I read the book in one day - you won't be able to put it down.

Anonymous 18.12.2016

This book is amazing because the midnight gang go on fun and exiting adventures.

Anonymous 01.01.2017

this book was so funny I would recommend it to everyone who can read. if you love David walliam's books you will love the midnight is very adventerus and funny and they take loads of risks and I think that you might like it.

Anonymous 20.08.2017

Its a great book if you like adventure

Anonymous 04.08.2017

This book is about a group of hospital children and the porter who tries to make every child's wish come true that is in the gang.

Anonymous 05.08.2017

This book is really good and I am reading the second time.

Anonymous 04.01.2017

very good book very funny !!!!!!

Anonymous 27.06.2017

because its about people that made a gang called the midnight gang and at the end its really good

Anonymous 23.06.2017

This book is about a gang that happens at 12.

Anonymous 16.01.2017

i think everyone should read this

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Anonymous 13.07.2017

This book is funny, amusing and enjoyable! So unlike any other of his books, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun read.

Anonymous 29.05.2017

Great characters and some funny and silly ones. This book is recommended for children over the age of 7+.Brilliantly Illustrated by Tony Ross.

Anonymous 17.05.2017

It is a great book and it is a real mystery! If you like mysteries this is the book for you!

Anonymous 15.07.2017

I think you should read this book because it's very creative and I love the books written by David Walliams . :)

Anonymous 13.01.2017

It is a powerful book.

Anonymous 19.06.2017

Amazing! It was so funny and a especially bonkers, just like all of David Walliams' books. It is set in a children's ward in a hospital in London. The hospital porter has made a gang for the children, the Midnight Gang. The children don't get Sally join the gang, because she is so weak, but when Tom arrives he manages to persuade the others to let Sally and him join the gang. They have lots of fun adventures .....

Anonymous 16.05.2017

Are u into adventures? If yes, this is the book for you! Amazing adventures are taking on by 4 lovely children with illness and broken arms. It started with one person, porter, who was bored in the hospital and wanted to follow there dreams so ganged up with others in the hospital , who were bored too and were getting bossed around by the horrible matron who takes over the children ward but actually hates children, then became the midnight gang! They follow there dreams so they are happy. This book is amazing and has good humour I could never put it down it is adventurous and AMAZING!

Anonymous 25.06.2017

Very funny book about 5 children who are in Lord Funt's hospital. They go on many adventures while everyone else is asleep. A happy ending for the newest member of the gang.

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Anonymous 29.06.2017

Everyone should read this book because it has absolutely everything (well, not everything, there is everything you would like in a fantastic book!) The story tells us if you keep on trying, you can achieve what you had wished for at the beginning...

Anonymous 06.05.2017

they go on adventures

Anonymous 01.05.2017

because it is a fun book to read. It has kept me busy

Anonymous 09.07.2017

It was alright. I loved it when Raj appeared! Heartwarming!

Anonymous 04.04.2017

If you like Roald Dahl you will like David Walliams - this book is brilliant like his other books!

Anonymous 08.01.2017

This book is very touching as 5 kids are trapped in a hospital that doesn't even function properly and doesn't care about their own patients but Porter manages to make the kids dreams come true

Anonymous 08.07.2017

This story is very human and touching with all these children trapped in a hospital that doesn't even work properly and is very beautiful and funny with Sally the 99 year old lady who thinks she's a child and Porter who makes the children's dreams come true!

Anonymous 08.07.2017

Best Book i have ever read! About this boy that goes on a midnight adventure and he discovers the hospitals secret...

Anonymous 19.03.2017

Because it's really interesting like licterally whenever I read it I could not put the book down

Anonymous 07.07.2017

This book is a great book because it is really and adventurous. I would recommend this book to any boys or girls my age. I think it is a really good book to read.

Anonymous 10.07.2017

amazing another wonderful book by my favourite author David Walliams

Anonymous 10.07.2017

This book is F A N T A S T I C ! It's so funny that I almost cried!

Anonymous 10.07.2017

This book is so good I highly recommend you to read it

Anonymous 04.07.2017

So i thought the book was very cool when five kid goes on a adventure and since there patience at a hostipal they don't get to go out more

Anonymous 11.07.2017

I thought the book was really good and there are a lot of setting description and charter description

Anonymous 11.07.2017

It's really good

Anonymous 12.07.2017

I review this book as a 5, because it was very very funny!

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Anonymous 14.07.2017

It is funny

Anonymous 03.07.2017

because it is interesting

Anonymous 02.07.2017