The First Hippo on the Moon

David Walliams, Tony Ross

Average rating

4 out 5

From Number One bestselling picture book duo, David Walliams and Tony Ross, comes this explosively funny space adventure for children of 3 and up.




This book is fantastic

Anonymous 09.08.2016

This story us so funny!

Anonymous 21.12.2016

The best part was when the 2 hippos were fighting about who was first on the moon

Anonymous 28.03.2017

Fun book, good read.

Anonymous 19.07.2017

Not good at all, it was boring. Because two hippos made it to the moon not one.

Anonymous 31.07.2017

I really liked the story but she did fib

Anonymous 01.08.2017

The funny bit was that there were two hippo's on the moon.

Anonymous 03.08.2017

Loved it

Anonymous 06.08.2017

It is funny, a good book to read and whether you live in a jungle or you are rich it shows that rich people don't always win.

Anonymous 07.08.2017

I thought the book was funny when Sheila the HIPPO did two bottom burps.

Anonymous 08.08.2017

Really good book

Anonymous 11.08.2017

I like this story as it was funny, my favourite but is when Sheila the hippo hippo-po-trump!

Anonymous 19.08.2017

Because the girl hippo took the boys hippo rocket

Anonymous 30.08.2017

Very funny book loved the end

Anonymous 04.09.2017

I would like to go to the moon like hippo did

Anonymous 18.09.2017

Funny book.Consists of:hippos,arguing!

Anonymous 09.09.2017